It all begins within

We believe nutrition is as important as exercise and we’re here to help you keep some healthy, happy recipes up your sleeve.

Be equipped with the knowledge to whip up deliciously nutritious and affordable meals in no time and heal your insides as you strengthen your outside!

No time to cook or prep? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Explore our range of ready-meals below and dig right in!

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Nutrition Awareness Sessions

Learn to love your food with a practical, hands-on nutrition session that will give you the tools and knowledge to easily implement healthy eating into your shopping list and meal plans.
You’ll be learning about:

  • Portion sizing
  • GI Levels
  • Preservatives
  • Types of calories
  • Reading food labels
  • Healthier alternatives

Our sessions are great for all age groups, so come and enjoy a drink and some snacks with the company of like-minded friends who are all on the same journey!

fitness and health Mandurang

4-Week Health Kick

If you’re looking for an intense boost, this 4-week programme is for you.
It includes: 

  • 1 hour nutrition session each week
  • Personalised meal plans
  • Measurements and fitness testing (completed through training sessions). 
  • Additional pre-made meals and snacks each week
  • Snack options or a meal to take home after every session
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Ongoing Monthly Management Sessions

We all need a little help sometimes. That’s why we’ve designed these monthly catch-up sessions to assist with all your training efforts and help compliment the 4 Week Health Kick programme.
It includes:

  • Hands-on preparation of food and drinks.
  • Ongoing email and text support.
  • Meals, snacks and pre-prepped items for purchase.
  • Measurements

Cost varies depending on food options selected.

fitness and health Mandurang

Meal Plans

Up your fitness game with realistic and personalised nutrition advice, focused around eating whole, natural foods. We design meal plans that fit into your lifestyle, so you can spend less time fretting while prepping and more time enjoying the process.

The initial booking involves a 45-minute nutritional assessment where your likes, dislikes, nutritional needs, goals, lifestyle and cooking ability are discussed.  

The nutrition assessment and meal plan is designed to: 

  • Increase awareness of the type and amount of food you eat
  • Satisfy cravings without overeating 
  • Plan nourishing meals and snacks 

The meal plan will be adapted from your current lifestyle and food choices while catering for food allergies and intolerances.

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Nutritional Meals Made-to-Order

We’ve got your back even on the busy days. Check out our range of delectable cakes, slices and nutritious meals which can be made-to-order so you can enjoy nutritious food, even when you’re pressed for time!  

Interested? Contact us for our seasonal menu, made using fresh ingredients, as nature intended or if you’d like to have a custom meal package made specially for you.

fitness and health Mandurang

Celebration Cakes with a Twist

Got an allergy or food intolerance? Don’t let that stop you from having your cake and eating it too! Our happy bakers cater for all dietary requirements and intolerances, often without anyone knowing what’s missing…Shhh!

From a standard chocolate mud or orange poppy seed cake to a raw beetroot chocolate cake, we can make it:

  • gluten free
  • dairy free
  • refined sugar free
  • egg free
  • lactose free or, with real, raw ingredients