Last day for placing food orders for 2021 is Sat 19/12 for pick up on Tues 21/12. Food orders will return in the new year from 11/01/2022. We wish you a safe and happy festive season!

How to Enrol in Lake Lesch Lessons

We have a an all-new booking system for Lake Lesch Lessons, so enrolment looks a little bit different this year.

To make the process as simple as we can for you, we've put together the following list of instructions to help step you through the process.

If you're having trouble enrolling, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 0437 836 569 - we're always here to help!

To begin the enrolment process, visit the enrolment page here. If you are already a member, this page will look familiar, and you can sign in with your already existing account. If you are not a member, create an account.

As you are enrolling for your children/children in your care, you will need to select YES where it asks "Are you a GUARDIAN of the participant?" 

Fill out the fields that follow (profile picture is optional) and continue to follow the prompts through the following pages. Please make sure you sign the waiver (this can be done on the touch screen of your phone or by clicking and dragging the cursor on a desktop) AND accept the agreements that follow after payment.

You will need to repeat the above steps for each child.

We're looking forward to seeing you at lessons in a few weeks!